Tourism development

Tourism Development

Recreational Tourism

Murdochville already proposes an interesting offer for recreational tourism. However, it deserves to be further developed, including the establishment of:

  • Tourism activities and events
  • A snowmobile adventure center
  • Adventure tourism activities

Shifting to Recreational Tourism

In its process of economic restructuring, Murdochville has taken the recreational tourism shift. It is important to note that it has the ideal natural environment to be a reference in the east of the province as a destination for adventure tourism during all four seasons!

A Great Potential to be Developed

In order to truly position itself as a destination of choice for four season recreational tourism, the city of Murdochville is bursting with ideas and projects, including:

  • Creation of innovative tourism activities and events
  • Establishment of a center for snowmobiling adventure
  • Development of four seasons adventure tourism activities such as climbing, forest adventures, lodging experience, glamping, hunting and fishing packages, etc.

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  • Modernisation of the Centre d’interprétation du cuivre de Murdochville
  • Development of the Centre de plein air du lac York (cottages and camping sites)
  • Consolidation of Golf Club and Alpine Club activities
  • Carrefour régional de sentiers récréatifs (snowmobile and ATV/Quad)
  • Establishment of companies specializing in adventure tourism
Information and Communication
Technologies (ICT)